Hi, I'm Caleb.

I specialize in graphic design, 3d modeling, and web design.


Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, I'm a digitial artist who has been working with 2d and 3d design for over 15 years. I am an expert in Photoshop, and highly skilled with Maya. My focus is primarily 3D Model creation and texturing, for final render or 3D Print. I also do standard 2d Graphic Design, photo retouching or editing, and more recently have become interested in responsive web design, user experience, and video composition. I have a great deal of experience with virtual worlds, primarily Second Life, where I brought these skills together to design 3d content with keyframe animations, particle effects, sound effects, and many other details, I love focusing on added immersive detail, adding "bells and whistles" and finding the right combination of effects to bring any given project to life.

I became interested in programming and modding video games as a child, started using Paintshop Pro around my teens, and by 2000 moved from Montana to Ohio to accept a position designing webpage templates with Photoshop. I spent a few years trying to compose music with FLStudio. I have used Maya for about 8 years, primarily in the creation of content for Second Life or for designing objects to 3d print. I also have experience with real-world Video and Audio Production, editing, and Composition, VFX, SFX, UX, HTML, CSS, PHP, and BBQ!

Tel: (440) 941-4014
Email: caleb.edison1@gmail.com

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